Friday, September 5, 2008

Palin’ in comparison

She’s got me confused.

Initially, I was offended that when they did finally pick a woman (which is great!), they seemed to have picked her for the wrong reasons…I mean, within hours of the announcement, I received an as_steamy_as_it_gets_for_a_VP_nominee picture of her on IM and the next day I hear from friends about websites like vp ilf…doesn’t say much for the company I keep but the point I’m making is that this is the reaction of the average guy. The women on the other hand are excited about the possibility of another woman on the presidential ticket. I guess these are just the types of wave they wanted to create to compete with “celebrity” Obama and to woo the Hillary supporters. Maverick or not, I hardly doubt that she wouldn’t be the top choice if she wasn’t a woman. And do we really want to be picked for that reason? Haven’t we been objectified enough by the popular media?

Then there’s the other side of my dilemma. I’m just so amazed when I read stuff like “can she really fulfill her responsibilities of a mother as a VP?”. Well, if you’re going to doubt her, at least do it for the right reasons! Why do we women have to shoot ourselves in the foot by casting ourselves in these roles and expecting every woman to fit it? Seriously, would you ask that question of a man?

More to come but just wanted to get this much off my chest. I will wait to receive more opinions (I’m sure this will make Da break his silence :)).

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  1. Well said, girl! You would NEVER hear Bill Clinton being questioned about whether he would be able to make a good dad as the president. Why oh why?



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