Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dahi vada

1. Moong daal chilke waali ya bina chilke waali ( apni apni pasand par ) ya dono half half mix karke raat ko bhigo dain.
2. Subha usko mixer main grind kar lain (dhiyan rahe ki peesne main jiyada paani nahee dalna hai varna pitthi bahut liquidi ho jaayegi )aur phir churner se churn kar lain.
3. Ab ek kadhai main oil garam karke us main pakodi bana lain tatha ek bartan main paani lekar usmain thoda namak mila lain aur pakodi utarte hee is paani main dubote jaaye.
4. jab pakodi soft ho jaayain tab chhane hue dahi main thoda sa namak daal kar paani main daali hui pakodiyon ko halke haath se sara pani nichod kar dahi main daal kar rakh dain.
5. aadhe ghante baad bhuna hua pisa zeera ,laal mirch aur meethi chatni daal kar serve karain


Monday, December 3, 2007

Life in Dec 07

We got moved to a new building over the weekend. After months of working in conference rooms it was quite a relief to be back in a cubicle I can call home. Since the HP laptop from office sucks and worsens my carpal tunnel, I left it at work hoping to log into it from home. Lucky for me, it went offline and I finally got a breather from work and a chance to finally write this blog.

So I was sick this weekend…generally, from the change in weather. Ended up being at home for the most part. Watched the LSU/Tennesse game after Ash called me a couple times. Got quite into it after a while. Was nice hearing the band after so long. And of course, the victory was a cheerer-upper.

Also watched Ratatouille. I must say, I am unimpressed. The story was way too complex for an animation and the events unbelievable even for the cartoon world. Didn?t really fall on love with any of the characters. My favorite animations are still Shrek, Monsters Inc and Spirit, in that order. Of course The Lion King is in a class by itself smile

Every day is Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day today, here's Boog making recycled paper! And Shoo's beautiful Earth Day poster from 2019!