Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tiny relics of the past.

I was just going through some stuff and came across this:


This is the first toolkit (if I can call it that) that I bought. Coming back from Mayo, it was purchased at Midway circa 1990. Imagine how long it has been with me. What other things do people have that they are carrying around? Probably went to their drawer when leaving home and those little things are still tucked away in a drawer somewhere?


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy 60th birthday, father!

Wishing Pa a very very happy 60th birthday. Wish I was there to celebrate along.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Diwali poem

Here’s a thoughtful Diwali poem from our niece, her very first poem that we got to read!

Diwali comes year after year.

It’s on October 28th this year.

It’s a time to be happy.

You musn’t look shabby.

It’s a time to look your very best.

You don’t have time to rest.

We gather to pray

Everyone has something nice to say.

Diwali brings celebrations

And decorations In all the nations.

The candles glow

Please don’t blow.

For if you do

They won’t glow.

It’s a time to feast,

on some of the tastiest treats.

My favourite sweets

The candle heat.

Firecrackers we light

Oh! what a sight.

Diwali is my favourite holiday.

Oh how I wish it would come everyday.

By: Anshika Jain Age 10


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Post election musings

On your point of why I prefer McCain to Obama—I compare their economic agenda and policies; definitely McCain has my vote. I’d prefer right wing economic policies to the left wing any day (health care, free trade, taxes, labor unions: I definitely prefer McCain over Obama) ! On Iraq war, U.S. is going to reduce its presence in Iraq irrespective of whether it is going to be a republican or democrat in white house so it does not matter to me.

I’d rather ask on why all of the rest prefer Obama. Is it primarily Obama’s policies that we like, or is it more due to disgust with the outgoing president Bush? My view is that republicans have badly lost due to their unpopular president (most voters don’t trust them any more); not because of McCain’s projected policies.

Yes, I’d love to hear from you all what you want to see happen under Obama; and Pri will really like it if you post those comments on this blog :)


Every day is Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day today, here's Boog making recycled paper! And Shoo's beautiful Earth Day poster from 2019!