Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Movies and music

You knew this was coming if you saw my facebook status. I mean, if something can move me enough to make it worthy of a facebook update, I owe it at least a blog entry. Here’s the background—Da and I are taking this evening course on International Films, where we are learning about Cinematic Storytelling techniques (based on a book of the same name by Jennifer Van Sijll). Interesting course and you’ll soon see a couple of our movie analyses up on this site.

These movies obviously have excellent soundtracks and one such movie we saw was “All About My Mother” (Originally Todo sobre mi madre) by Pedro Almod?var. You know, one of those, where the music constantly gives you goosebumps then continues to play in your head a couple days later.

So, I finally looked up the soundtrack for the movie and discovered the music of, appararently, a very famous African musician, Ismael Lo. Yea, a few months from now I might wonder how he was so obscure to me. Have a listen to one of the songs from the movie and see if it casts a spell on you too:

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  1. Yo, Heard the music. Yes, enjoyed it. I think your impression may have been further strengthened by the movie and so you have an association…..perhaps.
    I am rediscovering Simon & Garfunkel (yes, I steadfastly refuse to grow in my music taste).


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