Yo dude, here’s an attempt at summarizing your last 30 years…at least pi should enjoy it 🙂

Nickname progression: bhai, tai, taklu, takku, kattu, kittu, cat, kitty

The Toddler:
A cute li’l boy with a big grin and enthusiasm for life

: keyboard, reading, cartoons (Tom and Jerry of course), jokes

favorite jokes

child: mummy doodh peena hai
mom: beta doodh to fat gaya
child: to sil do

Dronacharya ne eklavya se manga tha ek angootha,
Maang lete do pair, saath do chappal milti, aha, saath do joote milte.

Bharat mein jo bhi marein sabhi swarg ko jaayein,
jaane ye nark kyon vidhi ne diya banaye, wahan kya bhains bandehgi aha, wahan kya bhains bandhegi?

Poetry dedicated to him: “door se dekha to tinka pada tha, paas jake dekha to bhai khada tha” and the likes

Poetry (written): To be added

The Teenager:
The cuteness fades and out comes a boy with mayhem on his mind

Crush: Aishwarya Rai (I roll my eyes as I type)

Hobbies: keyboard, cars, music – A. R. Rehman genre

The Tweenie:

Little is known about the early to mid years of this phase. A more troubled and troublesome soul I haven’t met!

GTG…people, add your comments and I’ll compile them into the entry.

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B · September 22, 2008 at 9:06 am

Can’t believe I forgot to mention his obsession with magic! Wrote it in a hurry though.

GG · September 22, 2008 at 9:38 pm

Oh man!
This is a cool idea.
So here are my set of memories:
Bhai sending his trike down the stairs. Him making khatar patar noise in the morning when all I wanted to do was SLEEP.
He running into my hostel room at MGD. Showing off his watch. Noise, I associate his childhood with noise…..
6 o’ clock get up hota hai…..
Irru singh (who remembers that, huh?
Mayo. B’lore. South indian tastes. A R Rehman.
More to come. I’m walking down memory lane…..
Let’s do this kind of thing for everyone, what say?

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